Who are we?

Mediander is an open, voluntary association of organizations active in (health)care, education and guidance of people with disabilities in Flanders and Brussels. Our network undertakes from Franciscan spirituality.

What is our goal?

Our main goal is a society-oriented care, education, leisure time and formation. Mediander focuses on an inclusive society, where people with disabilities can develop to the fullest. Our network counts on associates and organizations whom time over time help to improve and safeguard the quality of life of disabled people. Like true bridge-builders we make our philosophy come into effect in our society. On the other hand we want to raise awareness and create public debate.

The Organisational Structure of Mediander

Project Groups

  • Result > Process
  • Associates develop a method, a strategy, a vision ... concerning a theme or subject chosen by the General board.

Learning Networks

  • Process > Result
  • A group of associates investigate a well-defined topic. Participants of the learning network discuss dreams and ask questions, share experiences and try-out new things. The learning network makes up the program and choses the working methods (intervision group, supervision group and lab ...)
  • They meet 4 to 5 times a year.

The Mediander-Team

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