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Work that is not doable



Kim Valtin (De Lork), Inge Schietecatte (KOCA), Kathleen Van Leuven (Scholen Sint-Franciscus), Ingrid Limbourg (Scholen Sint-Franciscus), Isabelle Slingerland (KOCA), Dorien Van Oers (De Markgraeve), Tinne Plasmans (De Markgraeve), Els Asselman (MPC Sint-Franciscus), Kathleen Van Nuffel (MPC Sint-Franciscus), Wanda De Schrijver (MPC Sint-Franciscus), Gero De Greef (Zonnelied), Evelien Billens (Zonnelied) en Paul Duquesnoy (Zonnelied)


Project leaders: Inge Schietecatte en Lieve Jutten


Contact person: Lieve Jutten (

Each one of us experiences with the accompaniment, the teaching... the feeling that the problems of our clients are sometimes big, so big we cannot handle them.

With the project group 'work that is not doable...' we search for active facts and handles that could change 'work that is not doable' into 'work that is doable'.

We look for supporting methodologies and practice these to be able to use them in specific situations. We go for specific, clear and accesible stories and methodologies who could achieve a mindshift from 'this is not doable' to 'this is possible to do, I can bear this'.

Duration project group: 2019 - 2020


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