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Ann Claessens (Zonnelied/project leader), Yves De Paepe (MPC Sint-Franciscus), Koen De Ost (scholen Sint-Franciscus), Inge Vander Gracht (scholen Sint-Franciscus), Kelly Vermeulen (De Lork), Sany De Gelas (Zonnelied), Jamien Stoelzaet (Mediander), Helga Janssens (De Schakel), Inge Schietecatte (Koca), Lieze Versmissen (VZW De Schakel), Kathleen Van Nuffel (MPC Sint-Franciscus).

Contact person: Jamien Stoelzaet (

The goal of this project group is to support all the Medianderorganizations (support centers and schools for people with disabilities) to guide its employees from the beginning to the end of their career. Our core mission is to take care of children, youngsters and adults. Moreover we also take good care of our employees.This means that every employee gets enough development opportunities. We respect each person's identity and his/her qualities. We strive for an organization with happy, professional, motivated and involved associates. There are different models and theories to keep employees happy, how to expand a solid education policy etc. Nevertheless the transition to practice is not easy. How do you make such models effective? How do you handle the introduction into your organization? What is needed to make it happen? What is working and what isn't?

Assignment and result commitment project group:

This project group consists of three components; with the organizations vision, the legal structure and the endurance of HRM (human resource management) kept in mind:

1/To give the organizations a hand to create a vision on HRM and career path themselves: we describe a. which way a vision can be built b. the steps to undertake a solid implementation of the vision into practice.

2/A toolkit with a. relevant structures and models, with handouts to use them into practice b. good practices and processes regarding HRM already used are in use by the different organizations (e.g. performance interviews, job rotation, the use of the godfather and godmother principle, partial return to work after long-term sickness, next to the description of active elements, conditions, critical facts and success factors.

3/ Exchange: people who are experts in certain domains can share their knowledge and exchange tools and practices with other organizations.


The project group targets different target groups:

-  Mentors, teachers, therapists and e.g. logistics staff.

HRM focused on different target groups like new employees, employees at the end of their career, employees working with very specific groups…

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